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Welcome to the Birmingham ASHRAE Chapter

UAB Senior Design Project Invitation for
ASHRAE Members -

Dr. Taherian has extended an invitation for all ASHRAE members to
attend the UAB senior design project display on April 16th from
11:00am to 12:30pm
.  They will be setup in the lobby of the BEC
building (1150 10th Ave. South) with a booth to display their project
and talk about it to visitors and other students and faculty.  This would
be a great opportunity for some of the Birmingham ASHRAE members
to go support their efforts and learn about what they have done
(see description below). 
The project included the design and build of a VRF refrigeration demo
unit that can be used in UAB’s lab to teach students about HVAC. The
project received funding through ASHRAE’s Senior Undergraduate Project
Grants as the top overall submission.  The Birmingham chapter of ASHRAE
also assisted UAB’s team with by supporting additional enhancements to the
project that would not have been feasible under the original funding. 


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